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Advice service targets 5,000 new UK business owners

A growing advice service that helps people find their perfect business opportunity has unveiled ambitious plans to create 5,000 new UK business owners over the next five years.

Mr Franchise, which currently has offices in Lancashire, the West Midlands and Cheshire, has also revealed it is looking to develop its professional services on a national level – and aims to have 50 offices operating across the UK by the end of the decade.

The expert Mr Franchise team helps people discover the right business opportunity for them – one that matches their skills, lifestyle, ambitions and investment capability. It is independent of any specific franchise brand.

The sector is fast growing with 561,000 people now employed in franchising in the UK. That represents a 20% increase over the past five years. The overall contribution of the sector to the UK economy is £13.7 billion – which is just under 1% of GDP.

The three entrepreneurs who run Mr Franchise in the Midlands & North West – Iain Martin, David Nelson and Kathryn Orange – all have successful track records in founding, running and growing businesses and together they have half a century of experience in the franchise sector.

Iain Martin, co-founder of Mr Franchise, believes a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging as the franchising model becomes increasingly popular in the UK.

And he says more people are choosing franchising when it comes to starting their own business because of the support they get from day one, the tried and tested business model a franchise delivers, brand recognition and the opportunity it gives them to grow.

He said: “Today people want to become business owners for all sorts of reasons. We are seeing a lot of people who have had a change in their professional circumstances and want to be their own bosses.

“They may have taken early retirement or have decided on a career change. We’re also seeing a growing number of graduates who are looking at opportunities to start their business career and want to be their own boss.

“Parents looking to give their sons or daughters a start in business also see franchising as an appealing way of doing so because of the support the model gives people right from the start of their business.

“Franchising is about being in business for yourself; but not by yourself. For people who are taking their first steps into self-employment that is really important.”

He added: “The people who come to us for advice have money to invest but don’t necessarily have a clear view of what type of business they want to operate. That’s where we come in.

“We work with them to identify the right opportunity, looking at their skills and experience, what interests and excites them. It is a service very much based on the needs of the client.

“We are independent of any franchise business and we work solely for our clients and in their interest. Our big selling point is that we deliver individually tailored business opportunities.

“Our matchmaking service is geared up to point people in the right direction. And if we think that business ownership isn’t for someone – and the fact is it isn’t for everyone – we will tell them.”

He added: “Our client base is growing, the franchise sector in the UK is in good health and we believe there’s a good opportunity to roll out our service nationally.

“That’s at the heart of the growth strategy we have now embarked on which will see us offer Mr Franchise as a successful franchise in its own right.

“We’ve also set ourselves the target of creating 5,000 new business owners by the end of the decade.

“We believe it is a highly achievable target and given the opportunities that exist many of those new owners will go on to create more job opportunities for other people.”

Mr Franchise says business opportunities exist in a wide range of sectors, from food and drink to pet care and travel.

For more details about Mr Franchise and its services please visit www.mrfranchiseuk.com


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