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Shabbir Jusab – Testimonial

Dear David
Having received the benefit of the Mr Franchise service I felt I had to put pen to paper, so to speak, to let you know how valuable the process has been with regards to my endeavours to select the right franchise for me.
Having had my own business in the past and that experience allowing me to appreciate the limitations and difficulties that now face the micro business in the present economic climate I felt I needed expert advice to assist me.
My gut feeling was that going in to business via a franchise would be a sound option for me, certainly the statistics and even the bank managers agreed, but where to start with so many out there all promising to make me wealthy?!
From the moment I spoke to David Nelson from Mr Franchise (Lancashire) I felt that I was in safe hands. It was reassuring to feel that I was dealing with a professional who did not have a set agenda other than ensuring that I was in a position to make the best possible decision for myself, even if that was to not proceed.
The interview process and assessments where enlightening and thought provoking making me think not just about the options available to me but more importantly about what I really want, not just now but in the future and far more emphasis was placed on my not only considering the purchase of a business model but of a lifestyle choice that would provide me with job satisfaction.
The recommended concepts where not only intriguing and perceptive but pleasantly surprising as they included things that I would never have sourced independently.
The following ongoing assistance with regards to business, finance funding and legal advice has been invaluable and I sincerely believe that without the Mr Franchise service the choice I would have made on my own would have been entirely different and flawed, the costs of making such an error in monetary terms and time would have been massive to me.
I know now I embark on the right path for me and believe that without the independent and objective guidance form Mr Franchise this would not have been possible.
I can without any hesitation recommend any body considering going in to business or investing in a franchise engaging with Mr Franchise to assess their options and help ensure that they are on the right track. You will be in safe hands and the moderate cost involved will be a pure investment.
Shabbir Jusab