How we work for you

Our tried and trusted plan, in five stages:

We look to identify your skill sets and interests and how these might be harnessed to create the perfect business opportunity for YOU. That means taking time to understand what makes you tick –your hopes and aspirations. Using this detailed information we will work to discover the business opportunity that matches these skills, your lifestyle, ambition and investment. Here’s how our independent, professional team takes you through the process:

Stage 1

Introduction: The initial stage of our work where we get to know you.

Stage 2

Information: Here we gather the information to set you on your journey. We find out about your skills, learn about your lifestyle and dig down to discover your hobbies and interests.

Stage 3

Profiling: Here we take all the information, process the key aspects and deliver an online profile of you – this is a vital tool in finding the path towards your business-owning future. We ensure that your values and aspirations are in alignment with potential business opportunities. We also take into account your experience, core skills, interests and aspirations. It’s a key differential in the way we work and means we don’t put square pegs into round holes.

Stage 4

Matchmaking: Using your profile, which has been agreed with you, we work to find brands we can recommend – business opportunities that fit you. Independent of any franchise operator, we work on your behalf to find that fit.

Stage 5

Roadmap: Working with you we agree the brands that best match your business opportunity needs. We’ll research them and work with you to help you reach the right decision for your future.

And remember:

Our tailored matchmaking service is geared up to point people in the right direction to success. If we think that business ownership isn’t for you – and the fact is it isn’t for everyone – we will tell you.

The cost:

There is no charge for our service. In the event that we are successful in helping you to find a suitable franchise, we receive a fee from the franchisor (in effect the franchisor’s marketing cost).

As part of our appraisal service we use a psychometric profiling tool which has been developed in the USA, and is designed specifically for prospective franchisees. We incur a cost each time we use the service, and to cover this, we make a nominal charge of £50 including VAT. The profile helps greatly in validating the results of our standard appraisal system. And, of course, this means that our brand recommendations are that much more reliable.

Using Mr Franchise to help you find the business that suits you best, saves you time and money!

How do I start my journey to business success?

Simply click the button below and fill-out our form. A member of our expert team will contact you.